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Third term exam (1st) year2015

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Third term exam (1st) year2015

Post by Admin on Sat May 30, 2015 10:55 pm

Level: 1st year lit stream Time allotted: 02Hrs

Read the text carefully, then do the following activities:

Samsung has entered the newly-emerging smartwatch market by unveiling its multi-function timepiece, the Galaxy Gear. It is a digital watch with a difference. Wearers can make telephone calls, receive emails and take photographs. It can also run dozens of Android applications on its 1.6-inch (4.064 cm) screen. Users navigate through different screens and functions using swipes. What's more, it comes in a range of vibrant colors that add a Science fiction feel to its stainless steel body. The device will be on sale from September 25th and comes with a $299 price tag. Samsung beat its main competitor Apple to the market. Industry insiders expect Apple to reveal details of its smartwatch within a week or two.
Analysts have mixed reactions to the galaxy gear. Jack Gold of J.Gold association suggests the product is overpriced. He said Samsung would need to price it under $100 to get mass-market appeal. He added:” at $300, that’s probably as much as most people will pay for the phone itself”. Independent analyst Jeff Kagan said the gear “is another step into the future”& that Samsung continues to” push the innovation envelope”. He predicted it would be as popular as Samsung’s smartphones & tablets. A Samsung spokesman said: ”we have created something incredible. You don’t need to get your phone out anymore. Gear takes the entirely of your digital world & places it right where you can see”.
Breaking News English.(7th Sep 2013)

1/Choose the right answer:
a-What is the synonym for “watch” in the first sentence?
1- wristwatch. 2- chronometer. 3- timepiece.
b-What gives the watch a Science fiction feels?
1-bright lights. 2-colours. 3- sounds.
2/ is the text: a- narrative. b- argumentative. c- expository.
3/ Say if these statements are (T) or (F) /justify the false ones from the text:
a-The watch can run 16 apps on its screen.
b-The body of the watch is made of stainless steel.
c-An expert said the gear was too expensive to sell well.
d-Samsung said you would still need to get your phone out

.4/ Answer these questions according to the text:
a-What is the size of the watch’s screen?
b-How do people move through the screens of the watch?
c-Who expected Apple’s product to come out soon?
5/ what or who do the underlined words refer to in the text:
a-its (§1) b-the device (§1) c-he (§2)

Text exploration:
1/Match words with their synonyms:
words synonyms
4-entirely a-whole
2/ Divide these words into roots & affixes: Unveiling – difference – overpriced – continue
prefix root suffix
3/ Ask questions that the underlined words are answers:
Users can make telephone calls, receive e-mails & take photographs
4/ Re-order these sentences to get a coherent paragraph:
5/Classify these words according to their number of syllables:
galaxy – navigate – independent – anymore .
Written expression: Choose one topic only
Topic1/ Using the following notes below about Albert Einstein, write a short biography
>Date & place of birth: 1879/Germany.
>The discovery: theory of relativity. >Date of discovery: 1905 >Became a professor in 1909.
> Member of the Institute for Advanced study between 1933 & 1945. > Nobel prize for physics in 1922. > Date of death: 1955.
Write a paragraph about the advantages of a device / machine…you can choose one of these inventions: mobile smartphone – tablets –plane – washing machine –car…….

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